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OER PPP - Power of Positive Parenting, Fall 2006

Power of Positive Parenting

Power of Positive Parenting

Professor Glenn I. Latham, Ed.D.

University Extension

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This course has been developed using portions from several of the books, videos, and audio products produced by Glenn Latham. These materials will give parents the skills necessary to raise children well. Glenn Latham said of his book, The Power of Positive Parenting, which is his definitive book, upon which this course is built, that it has been “subjected to more independent, scientific scrutiny than any parenting book in print today. In every instance, it has been shown to be an effective parenting tool. For that reason, it has been adopted by parent training programs, schools, university professors, early childhood and head start programs, and governmental programs as the basic text for teaching parenting skills.”


Utah State University OpenCourseWare would like to thank Dr. Latham and his family for providing us with the materials and permissions to make this course available. Please note: This course is licensed under the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Creative Commons license. This means that derivative works may not be made from this content without first obtaining permission.

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