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INST5280 - Blogs, Wikis, New Media for Learning, Spring 2006

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Professor David Wiley, Ph.D.


课程结构: 75 minute classes, twice a week.

Image courtesy of Ryan Mallard


Innovation continues to occur on the internet at an extremely lively pace. What was once the realm of email, FTP, Gopher, and the Web is barely recognizable a mere 10 years later. Keeping up with the speed of innovation and maintaining a familiarity with the most recent tools and capabilities is handy in some professions and absolutely critical in others. This course is designed to help you understand and effectively use a variety of "web 2.0" technologies including blogs, RSS, wikis, social bookmarking tools, photo sharing tools, mapping tools, audio and video podcasts, and screencasts.

Copyright 2006, by the Contributing Authors. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Creative Commons License