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INST5260 - Learn and Apply HTML, Spring 2005

Learn and Apply HTML

INST 5260

Professor Kevin Reeve, M.S.


课程结构: Online or one 150-minute class per week


Image courtesy of Ryan Harris


Welcome to Learn and Apply HTML, INST 5260. HTML is what tells the browser how to display your webpage you create. Even if you use a program like Microsoft Front Page or Macromedia Dreamweaver, behind the scenes, they are creating the HTML for you. This class was chosen as an exemplary course in 2002 in the WebCT exemplary course competition. It has since gone through 2 revisions including the latest one for Summer 2005. In the Spring of 2005 approximately 60 students in Hong Kong and mainland China took this class with an onsite facilitator assisting them.

Technical Requirements

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