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ECE7670 - Error Control Coding, Spring 2006

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ECE 7670

Professor Todd K. Moon

Electrical & Computer Engineering
Utah State University

Course Structure: Two 75-minute classes per week

Image courtesy of Naccarato


We will explore the theoretical and historical motivation behind modern error control coding, particularly algebraic block coding. Linear codes, both block and convolutional, will be introduced, followed by a description of the algebraic tools necessary to describe and implement Reed-Solomon codes. Modern algrebraic concepts including Galois fields will be presented, along with circuit implementations. Also, convolutional codes and trellis-coded modulation will be covered, along with the Viterbi algorithm for decoding. Low-density parity check codes and Turbo codes will be covered, as time permits. Much of the learning will be expressed in formal (theorem/proof) format to develop rigor.

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