221.612.81 Confronting the Burden of Injuries: A Global Perspective


Adnan Hyder 及 Maria Segui-Gomez




国际卫生学系(International Health)

卫生政策与管理学系(Health Policy and Management)


Confronting the Burden of Injuries- A Global Perspective is a course offered by the Department of International Health and the Department of Health Policy and Management at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University.

This course is intended to guide students interested in working on injury control in areas with little to no tradition in injury prevention from a public health perspective.

Students will learn to define the injury problem and assess its magnitude; identify data sources and assess the quality of the data; identify which agencies or institutions should be involved in the solution of the problem; identify which interventions are in place and need to be implemented and evaluated; produce a strategic plan for the establishment and/or improvement of injury prevention programs in such areas; and present such a plan to authorities in a compelling manner.